The Momentum Of Survive Has The Secrets To Survival Skills!



How To Survive Any Threat You May Face? you’ll learn?

3 sections covering everything from…

This section is about the basic knowledge any survivor should know such as:

-How to light a fire
-How to find your destination without GPS or a map
-How to keep going on the right truck if you are hunted by a wild animal for example
-How to knot the perfect rope knot
-How to build the perfect snow shelter

Learn how to act fast to the different hazardous situations such as:

-How to survive a plane crash
-How to survive a mass shooting
-How to survive a sinking car
-How to survive a lightening strike
-How to survive quick sand

Skills in this section are not basic but will give you a bonus on acting faster and more effectively! Such skills are:

-How to knock down a door
-How to jump form roof top to roof top

According to Fox News;

Fear – Try to stay calm to assess the situation around you. Don’t let the enemies of panic, pain, cold, thirst, hunger, fatigue, boredom and loneliness interfere with your survival.
Pain – Deal with injuries immediately, don’t let them get out of control.
Cold – Cold lowers the ability to think. Don’t allow yourself to stop moving or to fall asleep unless you’ve got shelter.
Thirst – Dehydration can dull your mind, causing you to overlook important survival information.
Hunger – Hunger is dangerous but seldom deadly as it may reduce your ability to think logically.
Fatigue – Fatigue is unavoidable and in an emergency situation this is often the body’s way of escaping a difficult situation.
Boredom & Loneliness – Often unanticipated, these may lower the mind’s ability to deal with the situation.


The 3 Americans in France and any other hero and survivor just have this rule in mind all the time!

They are not special! They are not better than you! But they act differently than anybody else! The have the basic knowledge about the different threatening scenarios one may face, they know how to act, and they act fast!

We created the Momentum Of Survive MOS guide where we put the maximum number of hazardous scenarios you may find yourself in.  We detailed how to act and what to do exactly!

Using the MOS you’ll have the knowledge to survive a mass shooting, plane crash, getting lost in the wild or the desert, survive a quick sand or a lightening strike, etc…

FAQ & Answers

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What’s the MOS?

Momentum Of Survive MOS is an ebook guide that will teach you how to act to different threatening situations in life.

How much does the MOS cost?

The MOS is valued and priced for $49!  From time to time we run special discounts! Check the buttons above!

Is the MOS a physical book?

No the MOS is an eBook that you can download online even at 2 am! All you are asked to have is an internet connection!

Who is the MOS for?

The MOS works for anyone! If you are an adventurer or an average person, you can use the info inside the MOS!

Can I ask for a refund?

Yes! You are covered by 60 days money back guarantee! If you didn’t like the MOS, just ask for a refund!